1. Dr. Deepak Chopra – an expert in mind-body medicine and stress management, he advocates for meditation and Ayurveda practices.

2. Dr. Andrew Weil – a renowned natural health and wellness expert who emphasizes the importance of stress reduction through breathing and meditation techniques.

3. Sara Lazar – a neuroscientist and meditation teacher, she specializes in teaching mindfulness-based practices to reduce stress and improve brain function.

4. Emily Fletcher – a meditation teacher and founder of the Ziva Technique, which focuses on stress reduction through mindfulness practices.

5. Melli O’Brien – a meditation teacher and mindfulness expert who focuses on helping people reduce stress and find inner peace through mindfulness practices.

6. Dr. Kristin Neff – an expert in self-compassion who teaches techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Gabby Bernstein – a spiritual teacher who emphasizes the importance of stress reduction through self-care and mindfulness practices.

8. Dr. Mark Hyman – a functional medicine expert who believes that stress reduction is essential for overall health and wellness.

9. Arianna Huffington – a wellness advocate who promotes mindfulness and stress management through conscious parenting and work-life balance.

10. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn – the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), which is a meditation-based program designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

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